Work deadlines vs. payment deadlines

Recently, I have noticed a trend. A slightly strange and alarming one.

When a client gives me a job, its deadline is agreed upon. Similarly, when I send the invoice, its deadline is also agreed upon. In my business and country, the usual payment time is 14 days.

This year, however, many clients have chosen to totally ignore the payment deadline. Despite the 14-day deadline, I sometimes get my money in 21 days, 37 days, or, as in the case of one client, more than 130 days have gone by and still no money on my account.

What is this?

Some of the assignments require pretty quick turnaround times, sometimes just hours. Yet, the client may happily ignore it that if I’m supposed to work fast, it would be only decent to at least keep the payment deadline, not exceed it by weeks.

If you’re an independent professional, is this happening to you, too? Please post a comment.

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