Word cloud tool helps find relevant website content

I happened to stumble across a word cloud tool today called Urim, developed by Oleg Mazko from Ukraine.

Let it be said right at the start that this tool is a Firefox for Windows add-on, so if you’re on a Mac or use another browser, you can stop reading here. Let it also be said that I’m writing this only because I find the tool useful; I have no affiliation.

Urim works either from a toolbar or with a keyboard shortcut, allowing you to quickly find what any web page mostly talks about. You may find this useful for three reasons:

  1. You can quickly determine if it is worth your time to go deeper into the content
  2. You can quickly extract the relevant keywords for the page (competitor analysis)
  3. You can quickly get an overview of the present keywords on your own pages (tweak as necessary)

The algorithm even seems to know how to exclude irrelevant words, such as prepositions in English. Besides English, the developer says the add-on supports 12 other languages. I tried it on a page on my own site, and sure enough, it did highlight all the important words (see image).

But don’t believe me. Give the app a spin yourself and see if it could help you. You can always disable or remove it, if it doesn’t.

If you can think of any other creative uses for a word cloud tool like this, let me know in the comments!


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