Why make commenting on your blog unnecessarily difficult?

No, I can't understand people who use Disqus for moderating the comments to their blog.

Why add an unnecessary step (logging into Disqus) between the reader and the feedback? You're moderating your comments anyway, aren't you?

Come to think of it, why force anyone to join a service just to leave a comment on your blog? I'm sure very few people are so hot on leaving a comment that they would feel an irresistible urge to join (yet) another online service for it.

Maybe you as a Disqus user would like to explain? (Or anyone from Disqus?)

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  1. Anonymous - 2010-10-14 @ 01:44

    Disqus allows commenting without registration, but that’s an option that’s set by the site, so not all sites might enable that feature.

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