Why it’s your responsibility your copy and visual work together

Just a quick note that might serve you well: never allow sloppy visual to destroy good copy – and vice versa – never allow sloppy copy to destroy good visual.

Sparked by a Twitter conversation between Vikki Ross and myself, this is what I want you to bear in mind.

When you’re creating marketing/advertising for your company, it will only sell if the copy and visual work together.

Example: The copywriter writes immortal marketing prose. The visualist sets it in unreadable type or in an unreadable colour combination. Result: failure.

Another example: The visualist creates an immortal aesthetic experience. The copywriter contributes with dull, unimaginative, non-engaging text. Result: failure.

When you are responsible for marketing a product, service or company, do make sure the writer and visualist you hire have a connection. This is not a money issue, it’s a chemistry issue. And something that gets you either praised or told off. Plus, it will turn into a money issue when your boss starts asking questions about cost and performance.

As a marketer, what’s your comment?

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