Why I don’t follow many of the Twitter Big Names

Yeah, I’ve come across many Big Names on Twitter. Suggested to me by Twitter itself, or being retweeted or otherwise recommended by someone else.

But the thing is, I don’t follow anyone without first checking their, hm, credentials.

Sounds arrogant, doesn’t it — me, a relative nobody, talking about the credentials of the gurus?

I think many of the big shots have a problem, from an outsider’s point of view (like mine). They’re too popular.

Ehh… what?

Let me explain. Looking at their Twitter streams, all I see is them hobnobbing with their friends (as much as you can have “friends” on social networks).

The waterfall of “Hey, nice to see you”, “Yeah, wasn’t that great” and “How you doing” tweets doesn’t really give me much. No wonder, though, if they have 30,000+ people to rub shoulders with, that’s probably what you’ll end up doing: replying to thousands of messages coming from all sides.

The point of social networks, at least to me, a nobody, is to learn something new. Participate. Exchange views. Being a bystander on the outskirts of a conversation is not what I’m looking for.

So, in the absence of anything interesting or original to say to me, sorry, I’ll pass you.


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