When your blog comes to an end

Your blog may fade away mainly for three reasons:

  1. You change the focus of your business—or life—so that the blog becomes irrelevant
  2. You stop blogging altogether (because of a career change, for example)
  3. You move the blog to another platform (like from Blogger to WordPress)

In any of these cases, your readers will feel baffled.

What happened? Is the blog on hiatus or has the writer stopped writing or disappeared? Especially if you have been blogging infrequently and at irregular intervals, you’ll be leaving your readers hanging for weeks.

Do your audience a favour. Write a farewell blog post. If you’re quitting the blog, say so. Tell us what you do from now on and where we can find you. If you’re switching platforms, write a post pointing to your new online home.

Please, don’t just disappear.


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