What’s with the Oopses and Sorries, email marketers?

My inbox, as I suppose yours as well, gets a sizeable daily dose of messages from email and affiliate marketers—usually those who want me to sign up for a webinar or buy an info product that promises instant riches or large numbers of social media followers.

A new trend seems to be emerging. The messages now increasingly begin with “Oops, I made a mistake” or “Sorry, here’s the correct date” or something similar.

Are these people really in such a hurry to spread their gospel that they haven’t got the time to check the info is correct? Or is this a gimmick to somehow justify bothering the recipients for a number of more times?

My vote goes to alternative #2.

While I understand the thinking behind the practice (first, it makes the sender appear human and compassionate, second, it allows repeated pestering softened by an apology of sorts), I have a hard time believing it actually generates more positive feelings.

At least from where I stand, it’s just bloody annoying.

Does anyone have any stats or first-hand experience? I’d love to hear from you.

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