What should you be doing on social media sites as a marketer?

We’re all the time reading advice to the effect that one of the main reasons for and benefits of being present on social media sites is to “listen to what your customers say about you and your brand”.

Yes, that is important. But if you’re a brand or company that would like to make money out of those conversations (somehow sounds like the raison d’etre of ANY business) I would rather advocate listening to what your potential customers are talking about among themselves. This will reveal the problems they’re grappling with right now, and will give you a chance to provide a solution.

If you’re unsure how you can monitor conversations, let me recommend an e-book by Philip Sheldrake of Influence Crowd LLP, Social Web Analytics 2008. You can download it at no cost.

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  1. Linda Kaun - 2009-11-13 @ 07:56

    Hi Kimmo,

    Thanks for this link to the ebook on monitoring conversations. It looks like there’s plenty of good info not only for my business but my clients as well.

  2. Kimmo Linkama - 2009-11-13 @ 12:42

    You’re welcome! The book includes things that at least I need to employ for myself, too.

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