Twylah, new thinking that puts YOUR Twitter content in focus

If you’ve met me online before, you’ll know I’m one of the last people to get enthused about “new shiny things”, but yesterday I ran into a new Twitter aggregation app that immediately hit home.

It is Twylah, the brainchild of Eric Kim.


Twylah aggregates your tweets, arranges them into topics and creates your personal Twitter landing page.

On the surface, this sounds pretty much like or other aggregation services, but trust me, it’s different.

It puts YOU as the publisher in focus. It presents YOUR tweets, uncluttered by everyone else’s, on one page. Clicking on one of the topics takes the reader to all your tweets related to that topic. Plus related online content for your readers to explore further. Encouraging your viewers to stay longer with YOUR content (they even prove this with stats) and acting on it. There’s a follow button linking to your Twitter feed included, potentially turning a new reader into a new follower.

Robert Scoble interviewed Eric Kim on Twylah. Although the interview is pretty long, 26 minutes, I sincerely recommend sitting through it. If you’re serious about your social media reach, you’ll see the benefits unraveling in a series of a-ha moments.

Some of the key takeaways:

  1. What they’ll see is your content, and yours only.
  2. It’s arranged in an attractive magazine-style layout by topic.
  3. It allows immediate following if the reader finds your content interesting.
  4. Every item includes retweet and reply options. No need to go and follow you.
  5. Expands your reach. People don’t need to follow you on Twitter and try to find your content in the chaotic stream, they get all YOU in one place.
  6. You can “power tweet” from the application, exceeding the 140-character limit and creating a special page for that tweet, with related content shown in a separate column. If you write longer than 140 characters, the tweet is truncated with a link to your Twylah post.
  7. Lots of new features in the pipeline. (Would love to see scheduling, stats, appearance modification and determining the importance/order of the topics myself.)

In beta, membership is by invitation only, but you can send an invitation request from the Twylah site. For me it was arranged in a matter of a couple of hours (thanks, Kelly).

Too good to be true? As they say, don’t take my word for it, take a look yourself. You’ll find a link in the sidebar of my blog — or if you want to get straight to the point, go to my Twylah.

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