Sometimes you will be pretty darn good

Let me start the year with an encouraging quote by Robert Middleton, the person whose e-zine and blog I’ve been following for several years now. In fact, you could say Robert is one of my virtual mentors (now you know that, too, Robert…).

I’ve talked about perfectionism jeopardizing even the best efforts to be just “very good”. Read what Robert has to say about this:

If we expect perfect every time or even “our very best” every
single time we will inevitably disappoint ourselves sooner or later.
Many people have this realization and it leads to resignation: “If I
can’t be perfect or do better than others, why even try?” So we
settle for mediocrity.

But people of great accomplishment know they will never be
perfect, not even always the best, but never give up because they
know that once in awhile their work will be, if not perfect, “pretty
damn good.” When they have a down day, it’s just a part of the
process of success, not a failure in any way.

Let’s have this in the back of our minds when starting our journey into 2012!

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