Social media slowly maturing as marketing vehicle

It seems that among us marketers, a shift from enthusing about social media to taking a more sober look at it is taking place.

Just today, I read two blog posts that seem to give evidence to this.

In his blog {grow} Mark W. Schaefer asks Will economic recovery pummel social media? His main point is that as the economy is picking up again, people will have less time to spend on social media. First, they will be busier attending to customer needs, and second, many workplaces limit the use of social media platforms. Mark also provides an interesting hypothesis: there might be a shift of some advertising budget back to traditional media as people, for the above reasons, are less exposed to online advertising.

Christina Kerley writes in her CK's Blog how Social media gives people more control over brand messages but marketers (still!) ultimately influence what those messages will be. She alleviates the fear of many corporate marketers that they're losing control over their message out in the cyberspace by pointing out that "your company is wholly and fully in control of the quality of its brands, customer care efforts and marketing programs".

All this is good. What we need is not social media hype, but viable ways of putting it to work for us. After all, as many people before me have pointed out, social media is only a platform, it is up to us how to best use it.

What's your opinion?

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  1. Mark W Schaefer - 2009-11-17 @ 05:12

    Thanks for the nod, Kimmo and it’s nice to be in the same story with Christina, I writer a thoroughly respect. I agree that FINALLY I am starting to see a little more sobriety in the social media nation, although there are still a good many hype-driven enthusiasts out there that frustrate me to no end! In fact, I wrote a post today that started “I am blowing a gasket” over a post I had just read. I erased it : )

    • Kimmo Linkama - 2009-11-17 @ 18:37

      I’d love to see that blowing-a-gasket post! When you’re in a particularly evil mood, fire away.

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