Social media reciprocity is much overrated

Okay, so you’re following someone but that someone is not following you back?

Horrors. I’m not worthy? I’m not popular? I’m rejected?

Out of curiosity, I just checked whom I’m following who are not following me back. A total of 100 people, it seems.


Hmm. Robert Scoble. Walt Mossberg. Chris Brogan. Jill Konrath. John Jantsch. Joe Pulizzi. Pete Cashmore. The list continues.

Now I should be bursting into tears, right?

Ahh, you’ve got better things to do with your life than fret over things like this. If you find someone worth your attention, it doesn’t automatically have to mean they should be enthused about you.

Let’s face it, we’re all nobodies to some people. Yet, they might have something to give us. And you did follow them because you wanted to learn from them, to get to know them and their views better, right? Not like those who wish to “engage” with someone famous to get backlinks or comments to have their ego stroked the right way?

In my case, the people I’m following but who don’t follow me back make up about one-sixth of those I follow. Come on, that’s 15 percent. I can easily live with that. Especially when these folks (mostly) know what they’re talking about and act as my unknowing mentors.

Then there are those people who appear in your followers list one day, only to disappear from there after a couple of days or weeks.

Don’t worry about them, either. They’ve most probably signed up with an automated “get 1,000 Twitter followers a week” scheme and, disappointed when it doesn’t work in your case, drop you. That’s only good.

While it is good manners to follow people back, there’s a caveat. Just following you doesn’t automatically make them worthy of your attention. If they’re outside your sphere of interest, you don’t need to have any qualms ignoring them.

How do you feel about non-followers?

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