A simple message works best

Simple things just work. Like cars without too much electronics, bare-bones blog templates or pencils in sub-zero temperatures.

The same applies to a marketing message.

Define what you want to achieve. Focus on that key issue. Use simple language, simple terminology and a simple design. Some of the world’s best, most efficient advertising has been created by systematically paring down and condensing.

A sharp message will penetrate your audience’s wall of indifference.

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  1. Alastaire Allday - 2011-04-27 @ 14:53

    I agree.

    Nice site, by the way.

    • Kimmo Linkama - 2011-04-27 @ 15:20

      So kind of you to drop by, Al! This post, although admittedly not the highest genius in the world and already repeated a thousand times, was inspired by a particularly convoluted press release I came across some days ago.

      Thanks for the compliment about the site. In fact, yours was one of those that I had in the back of my head when tweaking the theme design. “Simple”, once again.

  2. Rich - 2011-06-09 @ 14:46

    My thoughts exactly. Simplicity in branding and Simplicity on your site – great stuff!

    • Kimmo Linkama - 2011-06-09 @ 14:59

      Glad it struck a chord, Rich! Even a lot of stuff can be presented without clutter. Makes the content a lot easier to notice and understand. Thanks for stopping by!

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