Price examples

To get an idea of the cost of working with me, these price examples based on my completed real-life projects may help.

Kimmo is a true professional, experienced and profound. It is always a pleasure working with him.
—Juho Wallenius, CEO at Luxus


6-page case study in one language, including 2 hours of telephone interviews, writing the copy, having it reviewed by interviewee and client plus two rounds of corrections/modifications — €3,500

18-page website in two languages, based on client-supplied rough draft, email correspondence and 1 hour of interviews, writing the copy, two rounds of corrections/modifications per language — €2,800

3-page website in one language, based on site visit and owner interview, one round of corrections/modifications — €800

8-page brochure on a highly technical subject in one language, based on bullet-point brief by client, online background research, writing the copy and one round of corrections/modifications — €1,200


A good rule of thumb for preliminary budgeting is €100 per A4/Letter page (approx. 2,500 characters/500 English words).

This means fairly straightforward marketing prose. The transcreation of slogans, taglines, mission statements, predominantly tabular content and other similar jobs are totally different creative exercises and cannot be estimated by text length.

NB! Film and TV subtitles have very strict max characters per line and timing requirements. That is why transcreating them will always be quoted separately.


Usually works out at approximately the same as transcreation: around €100 per full A4/Letter page. Why? Because it often takes more effort to get to the bottom of the thoughts of the original writer and reshaping them than to write the copy from scratch, that is, a good brief and a clean slate.

Other costs

Travel, accommodation, telephone and out-of-pocket expenses are billable separately.

Although these price examples should give you some idea of the costs when working with me, I’m pretty sure they won’t be directly applicable to the job you may have in mind. Help me help you: tell me what kind of price examples you would like to see. What would help you most when shortlisting potential writers? Many thanks!


  1. Chris rivers - 2015-06-23 @ 18:41

    Hi Kimmo, I wondered what your pricing structure is when you quote for sales letter copywriting? Do you charge per a page or is it set on the actual project.



    • Kimmo Linkama - 2015-07-09 @ 17:35

      Hi Chris,
      Whenever I can persuade the client to accept per-project pricing, I’ll use that. In my market at least, it most often works. Of course, you need to be pretty strict and precise in defining the scope of the work — on the other hand, then you have clear guidelines for both pricing and determining whether the client starts wanting something out of scope. Thanks for stopping by!

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