Prime example of excellent customer service on Twitter

To make a long story short, this is what happened.

I read a tweet by someone I follow on Twitter introducing Readability, an application that essentially removes everything else on a web page you’re viewing and only leaves the text visible. It works by first selecting a couple of settings, then dragging a bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmark toolbar. Whenever you encounter a page whose content—as opposed to all the blinking things swarming around it — you want to read, you just click on the bookmarklet and can see the page’s textual content uncluttered.

Here’s my friend’s first tweet:

1st tweet

This sounded interesting, so I added the bookmarklet to my bookmark toolbar. I tried it on my own website and noticed a glitch. I replied to my Twitter friend:

2nd tweet

I was very pleasantly surprised to find this in my feed within only a couple of hours:

3rd tweet

Now that’s customer service! Chris obviously had taken the trouble to also take a look at what browser I’m using, what my website is and probably also tested how Readability works there. I felt compelled to acknowledge this:

4th tweet


FOLLOW-UP Jan 01, 2010:
They kept their promise, too. Just tried anew yesterday and now it’s working fine!

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  1. Mark W Schaefer - 2009-12-06 @ 16:52

    nice case study Kimmo, Thanks!

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