Price is a key component in B2B conversion

Ever since I read Dale Underwood‘s article Price Papers vs. White Papers for B2B Lead Conversion more than a year ago, his message has been nagging me.

Why, indeed, are companies and especially solo professionals so afraid of publishing their prices openly?

I even touted the benefits of open pricing in my other blog, which made me feel even worse.

Finally, I couldn’t dodge the issue any longer. If I wanted to walk my talk, I’d better get some price information about my own services out there. Turned out it wasn’t all that easy.

Creative services, which I provide, are a real bitch to formulate into anything that remotely resembles a price list. There are so many moving parts, from the subject matter through how much research is actually needed to the schedule and possibly copyfitting that every job is different.

Of course, that is no excuse, as Jakob Nielsen said already five years ago. You can always give some examples. Which I did.

I’d now like to invite you to take a look at my price examples page. Usually, people don’t allow comments on the static pages of their websites, but I need some help here, so the floor is yours. What’s missing? Do my examples give you any kind of picture what you’re letting yourself into? What should I add? Am I putting my head in a noose for nothing?

At least now Dale’s message doesn’t weigh on my conscience any more.


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