Passion vs. business

“Find a topic you’re passionate about” to create memorable blog posts is advice we’ve all seen innumerable times.

But what if your livelihood depends on something else than your passion?

Say I’m a B2B copywriter (which I am) but am passionate about offroading or homeless dogs? I can’t very well switch to blogging about dogs if I’m trying to get the attention of people who could benefit from knowing more about B2B copywriting.

If the point of your blogging is to make a name for yourself as a private person, then by all means choose your subject based on whatever you find yourself fervently supporting or opposing. But if you’re in business, that advice is worthless.

I don’t know. Maybe there really are many people out there who do have such a passion for their jobs or their businesses. I have a suspicion, though, that many of them are those you will eventually find yourself blocking from your Twitter stream or unsubscribing from their mailing lists. Those who are so passionate about their marvellous services or products that they will end up nauseating you.

There’s another way of being memorable. Knowledge.

You don’t need to be a fiery-eyed preacher to get people to follow you and trust your words. You just have to show that you’re knowledgeable in what you’re writing about. Know your audience, their pains and problems and how to alleviate them.

If you look at blogs you follow, do you follow them because of their passion or depth of content? Please share.

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  1. Anonymous - 2011-07-06 @ 22:05


    You are spot on! Passion alone won’t cut it if you need to earn a living. Yeah, there are some who have struck it rich just by following their passion. Knowledge and passion do tend to go together but I’m not sure which comes first.

    IMO, it is better to first find a profitable niche that you are knowledgeable about and then get passionate about it. Blogging will remain a passionate hobby unless you can find enough people who are willing to pay good money for your expertise and knowledge.

    Thanks for another thoughtful post.

    Best regards,

  2. Kimmo Linkama - 2011-07-07 @ 05:27

    Thanks for dropping by, Achinta!

    When I was writing this post, I was a bit afraid it would come across as belittling passion. I’m glad it didn’t.

    I suppose only few people have the luxury of making their passion their business. In most cases it’s probably the other way round, as you say.

    As an example, when you’re a student, you may be passionate about a certain political issue. If you’re not planning to get into politics, however, you’ll first need to get knowledgeable in whatever you’re planning a career in before you can become passionate about that.

    Another interesting aspect about passion is that I’ve found it mostly in people who are in business for themselves. How many corporate bloggers do we know who have genuine passion about what they’re writing about?

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