Nifty little browser: SRWare Iron, the Chrome without the privacy issues

(Disclosure: I’m in no way connected with SRWare and do not receive any personal benefit from writing this post. I’m just a user who finds their product very usable.)

If you’ve been thinking of trying Google’s Chrome browser but have doubts about your privacy, you might try SRWare Iron. It is based on the Chromium source code, the same as Google Chrome, but it is said that all tracking-related functionality has been removed.

User reviews seem to indicate that Iron does the same as Chrome does. It should even support Chrome’s skins, although I haven’t tried this myself.

You can read more about Iron by following the links below. If you become interested and start to use it (or are already using it), please share your experiences in the comments.

Wikipedia on SRWare Iron
Video review (7min 43sec)on 5minLife Videopedia
Transcript of the 5min video review (the video itself doesn’t work) on
Download and short review on BSTdownload
Download from CNET


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