Newest research says QR codes fail to deliver


I’ve long been doubtful about the success of QR codes, and the most recent study I found seems to corroborate my view.

  1. Companies want to spread information about themselves and their offering through QR codes.
  2. People want good deals through QR codes.

Looks like a fairly huge disconnect to me.

I’m not saying QR codes are a failure. It’s just that they were originally invented for tracking the movement of industrial components, not for marketing. A wrong tool for the wrong purpose seldom achieves anything.

Perhaps companies should think twice about how much they invest in this particular communication channel. And more importantly, how they could better match their audience’s needs and wishes. They might find other tools much more efficient.

The moral of the story: don’t be blinded by nifty new tweaks to technology, find out what your audience wants and deliver it the way they want.


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