Marketers marketing to marketers, why aren’t you walking your own talk? Part 2

“Don’t sell obtrusively” is a mantra we’ve been served by social media experts for years.

So why then are many prominent social media marketers doing just that?

First, they tell us we should be educational and helpful in what we do and say on the social networks. When they’ve got us interested in their educational and helpful material, a newsletter, say, and have our email address, what happens? Right, email after email containing webinar invitations (for a charge), sales pitches for their books or training programmes, suggestions that we should buy stuff through their affiliate links.

On their social media hangouts, every second post or tweet promotes their material or events. “Only X hours left to sign up for – – “

I admit it may work. They wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, would they?

But it still bothers me that it doesn’t bother them that they are doing the exact opposite of what they are telling the rest of the world to do.

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