Marketers marketing to marketers, why aren’t you walking your own talk? Part 1


If you’ve been active on social networks for a while, you will have noticed that they are largely populated by marketers. Funny as it may sound, those marketers are often giving advice to other marketers wishing to succeed online.

One of these marketers’ top tenets—and indeed one of the top tenets of all marketing—is that you must first show you know your customer’s pain points to establish rapport before you can sell a solution to the customer’s problem.

These same marketers probably advise you on your blog posts or web pages. They say you should make the content easily skimmable. Short paragraphs, frequent subheads, bulleted lists—you know the drill. They also say you should provide your content in the form your audience wants to receive it.

That’s why I’m wondering why so many marketers aren’t walking their talk.

Maybe it’s true that video is “the most efficient” online influencer. I really don’t know and haven’t seen any research supporting this view. Be that as it may, there are many people who DO NOT WANT video.

An example:

Educational marketing videos are usually somewhere between 3 and 12 minutes in length. Those I’ve seen are just what you’d expect: someone talking naturally (a good thing in itself) and because of talking naturally, also containing lots of filler. The content of most marketing videos could easily be condensed into half a dozen paragraphs or interlinked web pages, which would only take a few minutes to read. Most people read faster than a presenter talks.

[Update: Marketing Profs Sep 16, 2011: “The average attention span for online videos is around 60 seconds.”]

So the question. Why do these online marketers force their (presumably receptive) audience to watch a 12-minute video without giving the option to consume the same content in a format that allows the recipient’s own pace and requires less than half the time?

  • Pain point: A tedious video presentation.
  • Solution: Short, to-the-point textual content.

To me, the absence of the solution looks a lot like not knowing how to apply their own advice.

What do you think?

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