LinkedIn users don’t want to engage in discussions


Being present on a variety of social platforms, I’ve noticed that there’s a fundamental difference between LinkedIn and, say, Twitter.

(Of course, there are more differences than just this one, but bear with me.)

Post something on Twitter, a little controversial or provocative, and it elicits a response. Or at least a retweet.

Ask a question, and most often somebody has something to say about it.

Post something on LinkedIn, and absolutely nothing happens. Ask a question, total silence.

The same goes for commenting. If you comment on someone’s posting in the LinkedIn live feed, there’s something like a 90-percent chance nobody picks it up. Not even the person who first made the post.

Now that LinkedIn is doing its best to become THE social platform for professionals – and doing a pretty good job, if I may say so – should I assume it’s the users who are to blame for non-existent exchange of thoughts?

Groups are a different story. There you might actually get a conversation going. Unless it happens to be a popular group riddled by content spammers. Fortunately, I’ve personally managed to avoid joining dubious groups.

How are you using LinkedIn? Is it a listening post for you, or would you like a more intense back-and-forth in the feed? Or do you confine your discussions in groups? Now click on that comment link and make us all wiser 🙂


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