LinkedIn coward, why are you afraid of showing your face?

Out of curiosity, I like to check from time to time who’s viewed my LinkedIn profile. It helps me determine whether I’m really talking to the people I can genuinely help, and from a purely personal viewpoint, it’s just interesting.

Then I see something like the picture here. And it makes me think.

LinkedIn cowardly behaviour

Being a B2B marketing writer, I assume (prove me wrong, I’d appreciate it) that if you view my profile you’re either a corporate marketer or represent an advertising or PR agency. All right, you might also be a competitor wanting to know how someone else in your profession displays himself on the social web. No problem to me.

Anyway, dear LinkedIn Member or Someone, in your day job, you probably advocate things like “openness”, “transparency”, “corporate citizenship” or “honesty” for the company that pays your salary.

Yet, when you view my profile, you choose to hide behind the anonymity made possible by the application.

I’ve made all my social network profiles completely open and public. If I look at someone’s profile on LinkedIn, they’ll see who it is. If I comment on someone’s blog, I’m there with my own name and face. That’s what the social web is for, isn’t it?

Why are you such a coward?


  1. Eric Wittlake - 2012-09-15 @ 02:25

    Good question! I look at the same screen sometimes and see both familiar and new faces along with a smattering of blanks.

    I can imagine a few reasons for it, but none make me feel very good.
    1) You are creating or validating a list of people to market too and you don’t want me to connect the LI profile view to your spammy outreach.
    2) You work for a competitor and are trying to profile the people at our agency.
    3) You are stalking me. Creepy.

    Next time you check your LI, you will see my name and picture in the list. Hopefully adding more interest to the report than “LinkedIn Member”. 🙂

    — @wittlake

    • Kimmo Linkama - 2012-09-15 @ 03:08

      Hey, great to see you here, Eric! Yes, none of the alternatives looks so good. What particularly annoys me is that LI is supposed to be a forum for new, potentially interesting business connections, and playing around anonymously somehow defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Maybe I should just be thankful that those faceless people may be interested enough to take a look at the links to my website, blog and Twitter feed after checking out my profile, but concealing yourself is plain annoying. Not what the forum is about.

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