In business, fall in love

When you fall in love with someone, what do you do? You forgive shortcomings, you see best intentions in everything he or she does, you sacrifice your own comfort and rethink your priorities for the benefit of the person you love.

So, fall in love in your business relationships.

You’re a corporate marketing person trying to get the best out of your marketing materials. Fall in love with your writer, designer, consultant. Carry him over obstacles, smooth his way, whisper kind words in his ear. Devote yourself to him.

You’re a marketing service provider. Fall in love with your client. Think of what makes her happy. Take every opportunity to make her happy, be there when she’s having a hard time, bring unexpected gifts. Devote yourself to her.

You might not go to bed together the first night. But instead of a half-ashamed, hurried goodbye the next morning you just may find yourselves married for the rest of your lives.


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