How to stay fresh on the web

You may already have come to the conclusion that your website needs constant updating to constantly attract visitors. Because you have good news for them. You can now serve new industries. You have reorganised your production for increased efficiency. Or cut the costs in your supply chain and can now pass the savings on to your customers. But the marketing department has its hands full putting your strategy into practice, and the sales department is too busy closing deals to tell the world about these achievements. The small improvements happen piecemeal—invisibly, you might say—and are not communicated to your prospective customers efficiently.

What if you could post relevant information, categorised by target group, on your site every week, month or quarter? Give your audience a fresh look on your operation? Let your prospects know what your company is capable of and give them a reason to buy from you. Today, tomorrow and the day after.

Outsourcing helps.

Get in touch with someone who can write interesting case histories that show how you provide added value to your customers. Someone who can showcase your most recent successes in the “What’s new” section of your site in a way that presents you in good light and is relevant to the recipient. Who can make your prospects understand how you can help them to boost their business.

At this point, I suppose, it does not come as a big surprise that I am volunteering for that someone.

With more than 20 years’ experience in writing marketing communication for companies who sell to other companies, I think I could have something to offer you. Take a look at my website to find out what.

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