How my past caught up with me

I happened upon Mac McIntosh’s blog post B2B Ads From the Past, and out of curiosity, started browsing the Vintage Ad Browser he mentions in the post (great site for nostalgia, especially for someone like myself who has written B2B copy since the mid-80s).

Valmet L-90 TP Redigo ad

Lo and behold, I even found myself there! I wrote this trade magazine ad for the Finnish Valmet Aircraft Factory’s turboprop trainer L-90 TP Redigo back in 1987. The aircraft was somehow jinxed—the prototype of its predecessor L-80 TP crashed through ice on a test flight, killing the pilot, and the L-90 TP (the very plane that’s pictured in the ad) crashed at the Farnborough Air Show on August 29, 1988, also killing the pilot. Ironically, Farnborough is mentioned in the headline of the ad, published a year before the accident.

The manufacturing rights were subsequently purchased by Aermacchi of Italy, and the aircraft is still in service with the Finnish Air Force, the Eritrean Air Force and the Mexican Navy.


  1. Mac McIntosh - 2010-01-18 @ 05:55


    Isn’t it fun to see your good work again after all these years?

    -Mac McIntosh
    mcintosh at sales-lead-experts dot com

  2. Kimmo Linkama - 2010-01-18 @ 12:30

    Sure is. Funny that I’d just a few days earlier been thinking about where I could find samples of my earlier work as my own copies have disappeared, then this one jumps out.

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