Hide your price, lose customers

If you don’t make your price easily found on your website, you risk losing customers.

To narrow down a bit, I’m mainly talking about web-based services and other sales-oriented pages with products or services that have a clear pricing structure. I do understand that vendors of consulting and creative services, for example, often cannot give exact prices as these are largely dependent on the scope and content of a project, which might take a meeting or two to define.

In contrast, if you’re selling a product or service that has a fixed price, please do not make it difficult for your site visitor to find the price. As an example, it seems to have become a fashion among online service providers that you have to follow the actual order/purchase link to find out what the various plans will actually cost you.

Not good.

Price is ALWAYS a component of the buying decision. If your site attempts to get an interested visitor sold on your product or service, you naturally give all the arguments why your visitor should choose your particular type of solution and prefer your solution over all the other similar ones available. But if you fail to complete your potential buyer’s search by giving price information, you will most probably lose his or her business to your competitor who is more open about pricing.

Added January 1, 2011:

Just found I’m not alone in thinking this way. Take a look at Dale Underwood’s blog post Product Content Is #2 for B2B Buyers where he talks about the same thing.

I’d be interested to hear your experiences!


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