Hey you, why are you leaving your poop in my blog?

More and more messages like this have begun to appear in my blog comments:

“Hello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is not that great – -“

“If you’re serious about making money with your website, watch this free video about – -“

Funny that I should be receiving this crap because a) I’m optimising my on-page SEO like hell, and b) I’m not using my blog for monetisation, it’s more informative/educational.

As it’s obvious these comments are not genuine but pure, unadulterated spam, I would like to ask their senders: What are you trying to achieve with these spam comments? You must know that most bloggers trap comments in a moderation thread for review before they’re published, and most bloggers have all kinds of suspicious-link-snoopers in place.

What if someone stupid enough clicks on those spammy links of yours? Will you immediately send them a virus, or are you just peddling some pathetic, no-use application of yours? (I wouldn’t know because your messages travel the shortest way into the rubbish bin. Without exceptions.)

One spammer took his (?) spamming really seriously. The comment included 67, yes, sixty-seven, links. This person seemed to have copied a Chinese “antique” shop’s entire product catalogue plus added a couple of software and health insurance links for good measure. I laughed aloud at this dedication, but, alas, trashed the piece anyway.

Go get a life. I’m sure you have better things to do with your existence than throwing poop my way that you must know will be instantly cleaned away.

So WHY? Is someone paying you for sending this stuff, or are you expecting some personal gain?

Hey, I’m really interested. Now, for once, write a real comment and enlighten me!

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