Google+ trumps Facebook for multilingual users


If your circles of friends, acquaintances and business contacts include people speaking different languages, Google Plus is your friend.

Because Facebook only allows one account per person, your communication with your friends (I’m using “friends” as a collective term for all of those three groups of people) will inevitably make a mess out of your Wall. If your friends don’t speak each others’ languages, you will end up littering your stream with lots of messages that are incomprehensible to some of your friends, and if you’re trying to deliver the same message to all your friends in all languages, you will have to repeat it in all those languages.

Google+ Circles circumvent this problem.

You can add people in different Circles based on any criteria you choose. You can even include the same person in a number of circles, if you wish.

Because Google+ allows you to decide to which individual person or which circle you’re sending your message, you can easily keep your languages separate, just as you can your close friends and business acquaintances, for example.

I’m only starting to build my community in Google+ but will report on new findings.

(BIG thanks to Chris Brogan, who kindly extended an invitation to allow me to join Google+!)

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