Good enough is enough

The so-called thought leaders often emphasise that you have to be "great" to achieve success.

I disagree. Most of the world is quite happy with "good".

Obviously, this doesn't mean you should be satisfied with sloppy work. What I mean is:

  • Your cooking makes everyone in the family purr with satisfaction. You don't need Michelin stars.
  • Your Toyota or Volkswagen takes you safely and comfortably from point A to point B. You don't need a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.
  • Your marketing literature needs to bring in sales or leads. You don't need to win the Nobel prize for its prose.

The quote The perfect is the enemy of the good (thanks, Voltaire) is very much to the point. It is a statistical impossibility that we could all be the best, or even above average. When you put your heart into what you're doing and satisfy the needs of those for whom you are doing, you're OK. It's just a question of matching your input with the expectations of your audience.

Anyone want to argue for "greatness"?

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  1. Anonymous - 2012-06-13 @ 16:19

    The quote from Voltaire is really perfect. And I absolutely agree that we ALSO need a culture of “good enough”. Good enough, average, normal. There is nothing wrong with that. If you always want more, you’ll never be content.

    I value ambition and the desire to excel highly. But not everyone can achieve that and certainly not all the time and in every area of life. I think it is important also to learn to be content, to be satisfied with what you have, with “good enough”. Looking back I think a bit of “good enough” would have made me much, much happier in the past.

    Oh, and while I’m a fan of failure myself (if I fail, at least I’ve tried!) I can’t help it, I’d really like to hear some real life examples of glorious failure — which is supposed to be such a wonderful thing.

  2. Anonymous - 2012-11-24 @ 16:42

    I think the sentiment here is good. But the point is that content goes stale fast and old ways of communicating it (WhitePapers. PowerPoint and Webinars) are old hat. What is needed is a way to change ‘Good Enough’ to ‘The best FOR NOW’. When we crack that, we could be closer to Perfect.

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