Free tools

Download free tools that will help you pinpoint how your marketing could provide more results. Besides that, they will speed up the work process and save you money. Choose your favourite file format and download!

Background questionnaire

Answer these questions and get a clearer picture of what you actually need. Use your answers as a guideline to yourself, or give the completed questionnaire to your chosen marketing communication partner. You will see how it takes a briefing meeting along at top speed.

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Feature-Advantage-Benefit analysis

Tell the customer about the benefits of your offering instead of just listing what your company does or the features of your product. This analysis tool focuses quickly on the core of your product or service, and leads you to find its usefulness to your customers. Just print out and fill in!

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Buying motives analysis

You may have to influence others besides your buyer. Even if you have the buyer sold, he or she may need to convince others in the organisation before being given the go-ahead. In some cases, you may have to influence people not even working within your target organisation, such as researchers or authorities. This analysis form gives you a clearer picture of who will influence the buying process, what their ulterior motives are and how best to approach them.

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