Finnish employees want clear guidelines for social media usage

Hill & Knowlton Finland and the research company MPS today published the results of their survey How employers and employees meet on social media, conducted in October-November this year.

Main findings:

The opinion of 20 percent of employees was that they can criticize their employees in social media, but 73 percent are careful how they speak. Loyalty to employers is strong.

Almost 40 percent of employees were of the opinion that their employer's guidelines on social media behavior can bind them on their free time. However, 72 percent of employees say they have no guidelines for social media behavior. Every second employee says they would like rules for online discussions.

One interesting fact was that many employees were prepared to look for a new job through social media, but employers are not meeting this need.

The survey included about 700 employees and 500 employer representatives from both private and public sector organizations.

If you can read Finnish, you can find the original article here.

What is the situation like in your country?

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