Do the Wrong Thing: overoptimize your web copy for search engines

SEO, search engine optimization, is something you come to do almost automatically when you’ve blogged for some time. It’s easy to go overboard, though.

When you’ve read about a quarter of this post, for example, the terms unconventional headlines and conventional blog post headlines — with a few variations — almost make you stop reading. Despite the article making a good point.

It’s been said a thousand times before, but needs to be said once again: write with a natural flow. You don’t repeat yourself in speech every two sentences, do you?

Stuffing your writing with keywords might also harm your content. Google’s recently introduced Penguin algorithm will penalize you by pushing overoptimized content down in the search results.

How is it with you? Fed up with keyword repetition in the stuff you read? How do you optimize your own content?

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