Instead of a bunch of words, you have to send a message. Your marketing message in a foreign language must talk to the native speaker.

That’s why I’m talking about transcreation. It is a creative process. In a way, it uses the original text as a brief for writing new copy that meets the conditions of the target language and the target audience. (Some people prefer to use the terms adaptation or localisation for the same process.) This in contrast to ordinary translation that usually produces too word-for-word results to work well in marketing. I’m sure you’ve met quite enough of that when having your marketing materials translated by agencies…

Use a multilingual copywriter to transcreate your messages and make them work. Being a copywriter with a degree in translation and a record of hundreds of successful transcreations for a host of businesses, I can deliver your message in another language so that it feels as if originally written in that language. I have transcreated material from medical imaging equipment to mobile phones, from cosmetics to computers, from hotels to law firms, from European Union project documents to ocarina building.

Kimmo has provided both copy writing and translation services to us. I find him a professional in both areas.
—Eija Paajanen, Product Marketing Manager at F-Secure Corporation

Demanding assignments

The wide spectrum of my transcreation jobs includes marketing strategies, website content, advertising campaigns, corporate identity manuals, brochures and product presentations, user manuals, press releases, stock exchange materials, such as annual reports and listing particulars.

Language pairs

Everyone has his particular strengths. That’s why I focus on transcreations

  • from Finnish, Swedish and Estonian into English
  • from English, Swedish and Estonian into Finnish

If you want your marketing message in another language, yet delivering it in ways that are as efficient as your original text, give me a call on +372 53 490503 or send me a message.

Or would you rather first want to get to know me better?