You may have fragmented information that needs to be combined into one coherent piece. Organisations often possess a lot of information about a certain topic, but it may be scattered across a variety of brochures, web pages, reports, memos and company departments.

If you need text from various sources put together or given a new approach, I can make the text read as if it were an original piece written for its purpose by one and the same person. During the process, the text becomes:

  • shorter (or longer, if that’s what you need)
  • easier to understand
  • stylistically better

When you must fit a text into a designated space, I can help you decide what to include and what to leave out, while at the same time making the content tighter to provide the optimum amount of information.

If you want to check that your content meets your market’s expectations of grammatical correctness, terminological consistency and clarity, that’s exactly what I can do for you as an experienced copy editor.

I have edited hundreds of texts: customer magazines, web pages, annual reports, brochures; almost anything that is published in print or electronically.

Your marketing piece will become clearer with to-the-point content. Ambiguities will disappear and any necessary information added before you get the edited text back. Remember, you’re working with a copywriter-editor instead of a proofreader-editor (although the text does get proofed as part of the process). The text becomes logical, free of grammatical or stylistic faults and easy to read.

Speaking of proofreading, it’s just those pesky little last-minute slip-ups that get your materials laughed at on public forums and the social media. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, if there’s a letter missing or too much, or some incorrect punctuation, a perfectly innocent word or sentence may suddenly take on a whole new meaning. In surprisingly many cases, the result is rude, obscene or ridiculous. My proofreading service can save your material from becoming a laughing-stock.

Do you feel your materials could use a once-over? If you do, give me a call on +372 53 490503 or send me email or a message through the Contact page.

Related to editing, you might want to target your marketing materials to foreign audiences in another language. In that case, go on to read more about my Transcreation services.