You have only a few seconds to get your point across. That is the attention span of today’s busy information seeker. That’s why your marketing message needs to start working right from the start. It probably isn’t a surprise that I claim I’m capable of doing just that.

Your customers need to know why they should buy from you. As an experienced advertising copywriter, I will formulate your message in a way that highlights the benefits of your company, brand, product or service to the customer. Based on a proven work process and systematic approach that speaks to your b-to-b audience.

Be clear, be brief, be friendly. Imagine being tasked with buying equipment worth millions for your company or getting information on your would-be strategic business partner. You hardly wish to bored by a sermon, read word-play or see a lame attempt at humour. You want easily understandable, detailed and to-the-point facts as a basis for your decision, preferably presented in a friendly tone. So does your customer.

Easier said than done? Absolutely. That’s why you are now thinking of hiring a professional B2B copywriter who can build the message and provide the buying incentive.

Kimmo is one of the best copywriters I have worked with during my many years in marketing. And, he is absolutely the best one in technical contexts, translating technical features and benefits into understandable and impactful language. He is also an excellent and trustworthy translator. I have recently recommended him to my clients and will continue to do so.
—Sari Aapola, Managing Director and Founder at Keynotes Oy

Reach the person

I can convince the customer in your voice. When writing your sales pitch, I put myself in your shoes and deliver the message as if you were talking face-to-face with the customer: in your tone of voice and in language the customer understands.

Your marketing message will become:

  • factual
  • interesting
  • detailed enough to allow an informed decision
  • clear on the essential benefit of buying your product or doing business with you

You can build a preference in the recipient’s mind for your company, brand, product or service over anybody else’s, thereby mechanising the first steps towards making your sale.

Did you know you can speak five languages?

With me, you get an extra benefit: five languages from one source. You save a lot of costs and time if you need your material in English, Finnish, Swedish, German or Estonian—or in any combination of these languages.

If my copywriting programme fulfils your needs, give me a call on +372 53 490503 or send me a message through the Contact page.

Then again, you may already have material available, but it needs a new approach to really talk to your audience, or has to be put together from a variety of existing pieces of text. Don’t worry, I can help you. Depending on your situation, you may benefit from my Copy Review or Editing services.