Copy review

Are you in doubt how your marketing copy will perform? There are many things that can make your copy work or fail. Starting from the headline, going on through the text flow and finally to the call to action. Not to mention style, grammar, punctuation…

It is often a good idea to get an outsider’s view, especially if your copy has been produced in-house. There’s no doubt your writers know what they are talking about; yet a professional advertising copywriter can look at the copy with fresh eyes, objectively and unshackled by your industry’s parlance.

Get a review of at least 10 aspects of your copy:

  1. Does it speak to the target audience
  2. Do the headlines and subheads work
  3. Is the structure logical and leading towards the desired response
  4. How well your unique selling proposition comes through
  5. Text flow and style
  6. Grammar and punctuation
  7. Is anything missing or superfluous
  8. Is your offer or call to action clear and persuasive
  9. Does the layout support the message
  10. How the text affects your credibility as a vendor or business partner

You will get a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of your text, and a suggestion in plain language how it could be improved.

This package is a low-cost, risk-free chance for you to sample my copywriting skills. I totally understand that you may have reservations about hiring someone you barely know to write your copy. A review of one of your existing marketing items is a great way for you to get to know me and my competencies better.

Copy review is different from a rewrite. The Copy review programme analyses your text and suggests improvements. If you need a rewrite, take a look at my Editing or Copywriting services.

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