Communication analysis

You will know how you can improve your message. Together, we analyse the present status and principles of your marketing communication. Then we determine whether it meets the requirements of your company strategy. Finally, you get a suggestion on what could be done to make your marketing communication better work towards its goals.

This is a great opportunity to discuss varying in-house views. Many of my clients are facing a situation where the various company functions have differing opinions on what marketing communication should achieve and how it should work in practice. I can act as your sparring partner and help create a consensus within your organisation.

The result is a roadmap approved by everyone that points your marketing communication in the right direction in fulfilling your company strategy while efficiently realising the business goals of your company’s various departments and functions.

How does it work? Like this:


  • What goals you want to achieve (strategic and business objectives)
  • What you’re presently saying to whom
  • Are you speaking to the right people
  • Does what you say make people
    a) understand what you’re saying
    b) react the way you want
  • Is what you’re saying being said by the right people
  • How and in which media you’re delivering your message
  • Are your choices producing the results you want

Action plan

  • How your marketing message should be tuned to make your target group respond as you want (the Most Wanted Response)
  • What media you should use to reach your target group most efficiently
  • How you should adjust your marketing communication spending
  • How you can achieve the maximum result with the minimum cost
  • How your marketing communication materials should be hierarchically structured
  • How you can differentiate yourself from your competitors

You will have a blueprint of efficient, integrated marketing communication. You’re free to produce the actual materials the way you wish, but you will know what to say to whom.

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