Communication A to Z

Your marketing communication can produce more results. Either you can get more for the money you’re investing, or if your communication is working well enough as it is, you can cut your costs. You choose.

The A to Z of improving the results of your marketing communication, covering everything from analysis to execution.

1. It finds out whether you’re actually talking to the audience that matters most, usually the one that will bring in the most revenue.

2. It creates systematic messages that increase your ability to grab your target audience’s attention.

3. It makes your potential buyers more likely to accept your message and act on it. The programme lets you know where your marketing communication stands now, determines where it needs to go to produce the results you want and makes the necessary changes in practice.

As a result you will have well-structured marketing materials with content written by a professional advertising copywriter in the language of your target people, delivered in the most efficient ways and contributing to your company becoming the customer’s preferred choice.

How do I know it delivers? you may ask. A fair question. Read on to find out how the programme works in more detail.


Together with your key people, we analyse

  • what business goals you want to achieve (derived from your company’s strategy)
  • what you’re presently saying to whom
  • are you speaking to the right people
  • does what you say make people
    a) understand what you’re saying
    b) react the way you want
  • is what you’re saying being said by the right people
  • how and in which media you’re delivering your message
  • are your choices producing the results you want
  • are you standing out from the crowd or following your industry’s conventions

Action plan

You get a suggestion that includes, for example:

  • how your marketing message should be tuned to make your target group respond as you want (the Most Wanted Response)
  • what media you should use to reach your target group most efficiently
  • how you should adjust your marketing communication spending
  • how you can achieve the maximum result with the minimum cost
  • how your marketing communication materials should be hierarchically structured
  • how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • what the execution price tag will be


Working from the approved action plan together with your key people, and relying on information and feedback from them, I formulate your marketing message

  • to follow a clearly understandable system and policy
  • so that it addresses your target audience’s needs
  • in a way that clearly points out the benefits of owning your product, using your service or doing business with you instead of your competitors
  • adapted to the most efficient media to carry your marketing message (lowest cost with highest impact), whether advertisements, brochures, website, trade magazine articles, direct mail campaigns, press releases…

Testing & tweaking

Especially in today’s economic circumstances, it is a good idea to pre-test the new communication solutions before committing to the cost of their implementation. We can do this by

  • picking a relevant sample of your target group for message and media testing
  • gathering feedback from the sample
  • changing and fine-tuning the message based on the feedback

Please note: your input is vital. You probably noticed that I use the phrase “with your key people” multiple times above. There’s a reason for that. I can’t guess or invent anything—I need hard, solid, un-beautified facts, plus the cooperation of your team, to be able to produce the results you want.

Training (optional)

The programme can also take the form of a course to your key people responsible for your marketing message—the imprint of your brand in the customer’s mind. It creates an understanding of what, why, when, how and to whom your company or brand should be talking. This ensures everybody works in the same direction, knows the goals of your marketing and will be able to drive your communication consistently towards those goals.

The course is useful in two ways:

  1. If you produce your marketing materials in-house, your people
    will know what to do
  2. If you use external resources, you will know how to work with them
    and what to require from them

Is this the way you would like to go? Great! Give me a call on +372 53 490503 or send me a message through the Contact page.

If you have already organised your marketing communication along the above lines but need a reliable partner to do your writing, take a closer look at my Copywriting services. Or, if you produce your materials in-house, you may want to make sure they perform optimally by using my Communication Analysis programme.