Creative services

Different situations call for different communication approaches. All situations require simple, clear marketing messages. Which of my creative services below meets your current needs best?

Kimmo’s work has been very, very good. He understands the real intention and has helped us in crafting marketing messages to new audiences. His work in translation has sometimes resulted in improvements in the original language as well.
—Petri Aukia, CEO, Partner at Codento Oy

1. Communication A-Z package

This is the turnkey solution for your marketing communication. First, it finds out what, how and through which channels you are now communicating to your audience. Then you get an analysis of your present situation vs. your goals. Based on the findings, we’ll together prepare a comprehensive action plan. The rest—the actual creative work—you can then leave to me. Your marketing will achieve more for less. Details here »

2. Communication Analysis package

Looks at where you are now, where you want to go and shows the way to get there. A perfect starting point if you feel your marketing communication could be performing better and you want to dig deeper into the hows and whys. You will also get a concise suggestion on how to go on and an easy-to-follow action plan. You’re then free to decide whom you wish to commission for the actual work. Learn more »

3. Copywriting package

Focuses on selling your product, service or brand. You have a communication strategy in place and need to derive task-specific messages from it to your target group. Convince your potential buyers, business partners or investors why they should prefer you over your competitors. Continue to details »

4. Copy Review package

Provides a second opinion on a marketing piece, website or campaign. Is your message achieving the goals you have set for it? Have the copy expertly reviewed, and receive suggestions on how to improve it. More here »

5. Editing package

Repurposes your existing—or obsolete—content for a different objective, combines scattered pieces into a whole, updates, makes consistent, improves stylistically, shortens or lengthens. When your materials need a remake, that’s what copy editing and an experienced editor will do. Proofreading also falls within the scope of this service. Read more »

6. Transcreation package

Recreates your message in your target market’s language. Retaining all the facts and nuances of your message and delivering it in a way that feels familiar and natural to native speakers. What’s this? »