Communication levels of interruption: don’t call me, send e-mail

Chris Brogan talks about communication tools and levels of interruption in his blog. He gives the following list:

  1. E-mail – the least interruptive
  2. Tweet – not interruptive, but requires recipient’s presence on Twitter
  3. Text message – fast, but more interruptive
  4. Phone call – the most interruptive

I fully agree. That’s why I often mute my mobile when I’m concentrating on work. Also, I’m not particularly fond of voicemail. If many voicemails pile up, it takes ages to wade through them, especially when the service calmly and slowly gives the phone number, time and other information on the sender.

That’s why – shold you want to connect – I ask you to e-mail me, unless it’s really important and timely. I like to be the master of my own schedule.




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