Choosing your social media participation mix

With the abundance of existing social media platforms – and new ones appearing almost every week – it is difficult to put together a mix of them that works best for you.

Just in case it might help someone, here's my system:

  1. My blog: allows me to share content and comment
  2. Twitter: daily follow-up of what's going on, one-to-one conversations plus driving traffic to my other "hangouts"
  3. LinkedIn: discussion on topics that interest me in Groups plus a reserve of both talent and prospects
  4. Posterous: low-threshold way of publishing content and opinion, allows cross-posting to other sites (I'm presently sending to Twitter and my blog)
  5. My website: an information repository for those who are interested in the details of how I can help their marketing (I link to the site from all the other places I use)

I just looked up some of my business acquaintances on LinkedIn and was amazed at how few are really using it. There are many who obviously have signed up out of curiosity but then left the site alone. LinkedIn won't be of much use if you have one connection (probably the person who alerted you to the site's existence) and haven't updated your profile or anything else for months.

Then again, with something like an average 5-10% uptake of social media platforms among businesses, perhaps it's no wonder. Content/engagement marketing is a relatively new phenomenon and requires quite a lot of work. Besides, if the traditional marketing methods are producing satisfactory results, many people may not consider extra participation all that necessary. On the other hand, maybe they should gradually start to learn how to put social media to good use.

Coming back to my own social media mix, I've recently considered adding Slideshare and Scribd to it, not least because of the additional exposure they will provide. I'm a little worried, though, about search engines penalizing for duplicate content.

Any views?

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