Spammers, get out of my Twitter property!

In recent times, I’ve noticed that my Twitter feed gets mysterious @ mentions. They come from people with whom I’ve never had anything to do, and don’t want to, either. The content of those tweets is usually either gibberish or pushing some follower scheme or other obscure software.

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The elusive concept of social media ROI

I’m not 100% sure about this, but couldn’t social media ROI be
measured in much the same way PR ROI has been measured for ages? It
won’t be possible to attribute certain new customers or certain sales
made to certain clearly-defined activities, but surely it will be
possible to calculate the input in social media activities vs. brand
awareness, loyalty, customer inquiries, changes in ad campaign pull
percentages or other “soft” parameters over a period of time?

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Social media as a B2B marketing tool

In recent times, we have heard a lot about social media gaining popularity among B2B marketers like never before. Does this mean sudden enlightenment – or could it be that it is only one side of the argument?

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