Will mocking your prospects increase your sales?

I’ve been subscribing to someone’s email newsletters for a long time, the someone being a person who is widely recognised for his expertise in online marketing. An expert as he is, his newsletters are mostly teasers aimed at motivating the reader to enter deeper into the funnel, and always ending with a call-to-action to purchase a paid training programme, learning materials and what have you. No problem with that (although the constant sizzle without a whiff of the steak might in the end start getting on people’s nerves).

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So now you have your customer magazine online. Does it work?

When content marketing is gradually getting a foothold also in the B2B world, it always makes one happy to meet a company that cares to communicate with its customers. Like, for example, one that has a customer magazine. A customer magazine is an excellent vehicle for both creating thought leadership and sharing important information.

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