So now you have your customer magazine online. Does it work?

When content marketing is gradually getting a foothold also in the B2B world, it always makes one happy to meet a company that cares to communicate with its customers. Like, for example, one that has a customer magazine. A customer magazine is an excellent vehicle for both creating thought leadership and sharing important information.

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The solo entrepreneur’s royal problem – how many is one?


Trawling the depths of the Twitter ocean (there are whales, aren’t there?) you can’t help noticing that the major part of your catch consists of individual fish. Especially if you’re following marketing people or a creative profession. True, there are companies around, but solo professionals are extremely well represented.

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What to do when you get bad copywriting?

You assigned a copywriter to craft your marketing content. Maybe it was an ad agency, maybe it was a freelancer you had come to know, like and trust. A week, two weeks go by. Close to the agreed deadline, just when you’re beginning to wonder whether the writer will deliver, the first draft lands into your inbox. You quickly scan through the text. “WTF!?” you exclaim. “This isn’t what I had in mind at all! This is just bad copywriting!”

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