Are you using guilt-based marketing?

An online marketer sent me this email:

Hi NN,

OK, I do have to call you out.

I’ve noticed that you haven’t purchased my X Product and I’m wondering why.

Is it the money? Remember, it’s less than $10!

Do you feel like you’re not ready? There’s no rush to dive-in instantly… you have access to X Product for LIFE.

Are you worried it’s a scam? I know, it DOES seem too good to be true. But, all I can say is that it really IS only $10.

Does it seem too cheap? I’ll admit it, it IS too cheap. But, I’ll also admit that it’s filled to the brim with ALL of my marketing secrets.

Sorry, but all your guesses were wrong. The raw truth is…

…your offer is not interesting.

Maybe next time try to give me additional, tangible reasons to buy instead of harassing me like a street peddler.


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