Are you being trampled in social media and search engines?

By now, we all are probably aware of search engines such as Google emphasising "clout" in determining how high a search result is placed. In essence, this means the more external sites link to your content, the higher your score and placement in search results.

In reality, this algorithm skews search results badly. Example: You run a site in a peripheral location (from Google's perspective) and as a result, don't have all that many sites linking to it. Mind you, this has nothing to do with how many people actually visit your site, it's all about links back to it. Regardless of the quality or importance of your content, you will still get inferior placement in search results. The same goes for conversation applications where those who are quoted, retweeted, whatever, most, get a kind of preferential treatment.

Just as money comes to money, it seems it isn't what you know, it's whom you know. Fame over quality, and even that only if you move in the right circles. Try publishing on a site in Nepal or Azerbaidzhan and making your views known to the US audience. If you want proof, just take a look at the "top" lists—most popular, most retweeted, most linked-to, most-you-name-it. Or follow social media blogs and discussions and find that some actually advise you to include celebrity SM-sphere names in your messages to attract more attention.

Not exactly my idea of good, impartial service if the main criterion for attention is to suck up to "big" names.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong. Click on the comment link and fire away.

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  1. Anonymous - 2010-04-01 @ 20:02


    I am self taught at SEO due being a PR pro and wanting/needing to get online coverage and my clients wanting to see themselves up on Google. I have always disregarded pagerank (as it seems to make no difference in the organic rankings). Granted, most of my sites and all my clients’ sites are B2B and fairly specialist, but, I see sites all the time rank on page 1 if not No1 on Google when well optimised with decent relevant content. External links do help, but only when coming from relevant sites. I can give you 30 or so examples where the (chosen keyword phrases) sites are ranking Page 1/no1 with little or no external links.

  2. Kimmo Linkama - 2010-04-01 @ 20:53

    Kirstie, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I said “tell me I’m wrong” — you seem to have something that will do just that (ouch). Seriously, if you can share, I’d love to hear about your results. Perhaps contact me through (my website’s contact page)? This detour just to avoid spambots, hope you’ll understand.

  3. Anonymous - 2010-04-01 @ 21:54

    Hi Kimmo,
    I will reply to your other, however previous message got through the spambots, so am guessing this one will. I guess all we do is follow Google guidelines and add basic seo to relevant CONTENT! Plus a little bit of commonsense. It really works. Those who try to play the system lose, those who do it properly win. simples. And I will send you examples, do what you like with them. thanks for addressing this subject, great for B2B!!

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