Are YOU an online spammer?

There are more ways to spam than sending unsolicited email to your online connections.

You will also come across as a spammer if you’re present on several social media platforms and duplicate your content everywhere. A real-life example: I’m following someone on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. His zeal in “being present” has come to a point where I’m beginning to feel he’s deliberately trying to aggravate his followers. Repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself… ad infinitum. And this is a person who purports to know something about social media.

Many social media services allow automatic cross-posting to other networks. Avoid that like the plague.

If EVERYTHING you post ANYWHERE ends up EVERYWHERE, you can be 100% sure you’re annoying a large number of your followers. Nobody wants to be hit in the face with the same post wherever they turn.

Social media, as far as I understand it, is about making friends, conversation and, for many people, business benefits. The key here is the word “social”. You don’t recite the same scripts at all the cocktail parties you attend, do you? Because you know you won’t make any friends, start conversations or get business benefits that way. You’ll just bore or irritate people. Why would your audience want that on the social networks if they can’t stand it in real life?

If you’re now feeling a twinge of conscience, let me suggest a couple of things.

First, create separate strategies of what you want to achieve for each of your social media platforms. Then create separate types of content to fulfil your strategy.

Second, if you feel some of your content is appropriate for more than one channel, make one of the channels the “hub” of that message and then use the other platforms as its outposts—referring to the original content on the other platforms and provide a link to the original. Your followers will appreciate that.

I know, it’s more work than automation. Unfortunately, it’s also unavoidable if you want results.

So, did I describe you or someone you know in my rant? Shoot back at me.

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