Anti-adblocking results in nothing but crap

People are increasingly using adblocking apps. AdBlock Plus has more than 300 million downloads. Publishers are fighting the trend. A notable proponent of a war against adblocking is Forbes that bans access to its site unless you disable your adblocker.

Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) not only says that ‘Ad blocking is a war against diversity and freedom of expression’, but also that

‘There is a value exchange that has to happen between the publisher and consumer […] The free internet is funded by ads.’

I live in Estonia. When I read Forbes, duly disabling my adblocker, this is what I see (ad contents in the Estonian language, clever snooping based on my IP address).

The Countries Facing The Greatest Skill Shortages Infographic Forbes

Forbes / Business thinks I’m interested in how to start the growth of 13,735 new hairs within a week.



Five Ways A Weak Manager Will Set You Up To Fail Forbes

Forbes / Management alerts me to how I can help my erectile dysfunction.



Six Signs They re Planning To Replace You Forbes

Forbes / Leadership first advises me not to eat these 5 foods and then is again worried about my hair.


“Diversity”, “freedom of expression” and “value exchange” indeed. Exactly what one wants to see when visiting a business publication’s web page.

Besides my pants and dinner table, just get out of my hair.

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