What you’ll get

Results speak for themselves. Let me explain a little how I approach your assignment and why I’m different from other marketing communication planners or copywriters you may know.

Results you can expect

Your marketing materials will give solutions to your customers’ needs. Not only will you be able to tell your customers what you do, but also explain the benefit of doing business with you: “what is in it for them”.

You can introduce a system to your marketing messages. Your materials will start to deliver a coherent and consistent message. Repeated over time in a variety of forms, it will solidify your position in your customers’ minds.

You will get value for the money you invest—whether you’re expecting more of your present marketing outlay or have a limited budget that nevertheless should produce certain quantifiable results.

If you’re struggling to maintain your income in a bad business climate, I can help you formulate your marketing message in a way that counteracts the slump.

What do I believe in?

Your result takes priority. I will always focus on how my work will benefit you. If needed, I will tweak and amend the copy as long as it takes to make it work for you.

All media are created equal. These days it seems to be fashionable for many copywriters to position themselves as gurus of search engine optimised website copy (try an online search for “copywriter” and you’ll know what I’m talking about). I’ll never underestimate the power of the web or social media, but working with me you can be assured of a totally unbiased approach taking into account all the media that can efficiently carry your message to your potential buyers.

We are working as a team. I believe in dialogue. If I don’t understand something, I will keep asking until I do. Staying close and keeping you informed.

Simplicity rules. Far too many companies use convoluted language or jargon that feels familiar to them, but is incomprehensible to the reader. Your marketing message will be delivered in a way that is immediately understandable and easy to digest. Knowing that engineers and financial directors need to be addressed differently.

Work should be fun. When we have an easy-going relationship and a relaxed working atmosphere, it is a lot easier to solve problems.

Kimmo is a very nice and talented person—easy to work with. Even if we haven’t worked together in the near past I am confident that his personal attitude and skills have not changed. It’s easy to recommend Kimmo for anyone who appreciates professionality and a nice working relationship.
—Klaus Asanti, Senior Adviser

Absolute confidentiality. In business, it all comes down to trust. What I learn about your business, products, financials, competition and processes during the time we work together will stay strictly between us. If you wish, we can formalise this through signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Your next step

Take your time and think whether I might be your choice.

Then give me a call on +372 53 490503 or get in touch through the Contact page. Or read more about the services I offer.